A Storage Unit That is Nice and Reasonable

When my parents moved to a town nearly 300 miles away, they decided to buy a lot of things there rather than transport them. They wanted my two sisters and me to go through everything, but we knew that we would not be able to meet up for a couple of months because of conflicting work schedules. My parents did not want to see us lose out on things that have been in the family for a long time, so they looked into storage units in Ajax that they could rent for short term usage.

There were several different options for them, so they went to the website of the different ones to see which had the nicest facility as well as reasonable rates. When they came across Green Storage, they were impressed for a number of reasons. First, the facility had recently been renovated, and they liked the appearance of the different storage units. Also, there were different sizes, and they knew that they would be able to fit everything into one of the larger units, which would save them money in the long run.

The storage facility is not far from where they lived, and they would also be able to transport it there during hours that are extremely convenient. It only took us a few hours once they knew everything they wanted to put in there to get it loaded and over there, and it did not take long to get it unloaded and organized there. The price they paid to have it held there for up to six months is very reasonable too, and it gives my sisters and I some more time to really go through everything and decide who gets what. I wish my parents still lived in the area, but I am glad that they are only a weekend trip away now too.


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