An Easier Path to Show Business

There are a lot companies filming shows and movies where I live. I’ve tried to get a job as an extra on one of the movie sets, but they weren’t looking for someone with my physical appearance. While applying for the extra job, I noticed that it could be easier to facilitate the hiring process. I got in touch with a mobile apps developer team at a company to come up with a way to make an app that would give actors and directors an easier way to apply for extra jobs and to hire extras respectively.

The app needed to have two access options, one for the actors and the other for the people looking for actors. I requested that the company make the app have a profile feature that would allow people to upload head shot pictures and to list information about themselves. Once an actor filled out the profile, they would be able to take a look at the shows and movies that were looking for actors in a particular area and apply for them. On the other side, those who were looking for actors would be able to make their own profiles and mention the projects they were working on. From there, they could choose the actors they needed from the database.

As the actors and film makers started gravitating toward the app, it began to get a lot of traffic. I actually saw that my own mother had a profile on the app. She heard that a sequel to one of her favorite movies was filming in the area and she just had to get a role as an extra in the film. Knowing her, she’ll try to talk her way into getting a speaking role if she is allowed to walk onto the film set.


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