An Old Company Enhanced by Modern Help

My father started a pretzel company over 50 years ago, and he passed the company on to me when he decided that it was time for me to take up the family business. I learned the basics of business from him, and got some further education from college. Back in his day, selling pretzels was a little simpler, but now I use things like data strategy, and hire the help of a consultant to determine which actions will help the company sell more pretzels. The company sells more pretzels now than it did when my father owns the company, so I must say that the methods that I use work pretty well.

Pretzels are a time tested snack of people all over the world. No matter how many kinds of chips may be put on the market, or whatever kinds of silly ads may be put in place to promote these other products, everyone always comes back to the pretzel. It’s a simple snack that is versatile and can be carried around easily. Our default flavor is the salted pretzel, but we also offer other varieties for those that want to mix things up. Things like party mixes and no sodium options were implemented when I started using the data consultant company. These choices came about because we saw that some people wanted to have less salt in their diets, either through the orders of their doctor, or just because they wanted to be healthy. The party mix came because people were having more parties.

Data has shown that people sometimes like to eat their pretzels as a dessert item, preferably with chocolate. For these reasons, we have come up with a new line of chocolate covered pretzels that will be sold in stores soon. These pretzels will come in milk, dark, white, and carob chocolate varieties. There’s something for everyone in the chocolate line, even for people who don’t eat chocolate.


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