Collecting Scrap Metal for a Good Cause

My son was really confused when he saw so many people throwing out scrap metal with their garbage every week. He used to collect aluminum cans for his church, so he knew that things like that could really add up. He decided to talk with some others at church to see if they wanted to collect some of it with him, and then they could use the money in one of the outreach programs. Before he talked with them, he did some research to find out what the average scrap metal price per pound was.

He was able to find a website that helped him a lot with this information. There are so many scrap dealers around, more than we were even aware of. Each one is able to set their own prices for what they will pay for scrap metal. While all of the prices were similar, there were some that paid a few pennies more for different metals. This might not seem like a lot, but it does add up when you are collecting a lot of metal to be sold. He was able to get the prices of all the scrap metal dealers in our area, and then he took that information with him to talk with others at our church.

They were pretty excited about the idea, mainly because this was something that the kids were anxious to do. Anytime kids want to get involved in an outreach program is a bonus for all involved. The kids did talk to each homeowner before they took the scrap metal, and they were even able to get additional donations this way. They then take the scrap metal once a week or so to the scrap metal dealer close to us, and they put every dollar they earn to the outreach program. I could not be more proud of all of them!


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