Scouting Relocation Sites in Connecticut

Illustration Of Connecticut State Flag Waving In The Wind Royalty Free ...We are looking for a place with a skilled workforce and right now we are thinking about sites in Connecticut, New Hampshire and possibly Massachusetts. The last option is not really that distinct a possibility, but there is a town there which is offering a lot of incentives to us and we are going to hear them out. East Haven, CT seems like a very nice location to my boss, but honestly I am wondering if there are enough skilled machinists in that particular exact area. Instead it seems like the best place to base an office as it would be much less congested. New Haven is a good site for the plant itself and we are looking at sites near each other for the two ideas. Connecticut has a huge number of machine shops and plenty of people with the exact skills that we shall be looking for. So it has the lead among the places we are currently considering.

East Haven is a beautiful area to have a home however and I would not mind at all leaving New York City for the area. I am really tired of spending so much of my week in the car commuting back and forth. If I am having a bad traffic week it can be 13 hours that I spend in traffic. That is why I would like to find a place like East Haven where I could build an office suitable for the design team and the corporate offices. It would not need to be very large and we could put the plant in a better location for a heavy industrial site. It is not going to be the decisive factor, but I would really and truly love it if I were able to live a more relaxed lifestyle in a smaller town.


Businesses Need a Support Structure Too

When I had the opportunity to move back to the town I was raised in, I knew that I had to do some research on the town itself. Though I had grown up there and knew a good deal about the history of the area, I had not been back for nearly two decades. I am not naive enough to think that good things remain unchanged all the time, so I needed to make sure that the area was still desirable. After doing several hours of research, I came to the conclusion that some things do remain the same, which was good in this case!

Though the town had grown considerably since I graduated from the high school there, it seemed that the values of the townsfolk had not changed. Since I was going to relocate my business there, I wanted to check out the Chamber of Commerce as well to make sure that the business values of others in town matched my own. Again, I was quite happy to see that this was not going to be a problem. Continue reading