Top Woman CEO is a Role Model for Our Daughter

Our daughter has plans to be a CEO of a big corporation or to just start her own company that becomes a major corporate entity. She has an interest in being involved in digital companies from technology innovators to retail product development. She has been reading about the successes of British CEO Joanna Shields who also holds the title of Baroness. Since our daughter is only 10, it seems like she has lofty goals already. However, she actually has a keen understanding of what it will take to realize her dreams.

Our daughter is already self-teaching in electronics and computers. For her birthday she wanted diagnostic tools and build-it-yourself electronic kits. She has already built a Morse Code oscillator, a crystal radio, and a remote control flying helicopter that flies itself. She is learning about technology and business. Continue reading


When a Hobby is No Longer Rewarding

As a 30 year old man, I sometimes wonder why I don’t have a hobbies. I sometimes look back on my childhood looking for an answer, wondering if maybe I have simply lost interest in hobbies more recently but I’ve come to the conclusion that my parents never encouraged me to do much of anything. It never occurred to them that I might need encouragement as a child. Maybe that’s why I am now I’ve started learning from a locksmith in Baltimore MD so I can pursue picking locks as a hobby – not that I am even that interested in it.

I think that’s the core my problem. I was never taught the value of being interested in something. Whenever I felt my interest slipping when I was a kid my parents didn’t try to encourage me to continue focusing on it. They would always just agree with me and allow me to move on, never motivating me with some kind of positive reinforcement. Continue reading


Setting Up the Branch Office

Setting up the branch office is progressing pretty well, but we are taking some shortcuts to be quicker about it. I decided to farm out the stuff that I could get other people to do as easily. That saves me the trouble of having to hire people, who I would then have to train to do the job. In time I have to get that done, but for the moment it is easier to just pay other specialists to do the jobs. I called up the Paychex California offices this morning and started talking to them about setting up the payroll for us. At the moment it is not that big of a deal. There is just me, my personal assistant and three other full time workers at the moment. I have hired a dozen or so temp workers, the plan is to see which ones are going to work out and keep them. Continue reading


Efficient Payroll Services in Bristol

In the last few months, the number of employees at my business has tripled. We have really been growing at a remarkable rate. I always had high hopes for the company, and I did believe it would take off. But the recent growth has exceeded even my own lofty expectations. It is thrilling to undergo such growth, but it does present more challenges for the administration of the company. I am going to have to find payroll services in Bristol going forward, because our old system of keeping track of the payroll is not going to work with the recent influx of new employees.

It used to all be tracked by hand, and the money would be split up accordingly. It did not use many computers or anything like that. I guess the business was a bit antiquated in that regard. However, from the start, it was just a very small business. I only had two employees to begin with, and it was very simple to keep track of. Continue reading