Debt Free from Timed Collection

A friend of mine who owns a business always told me that if I ever go into business that I should be prepared for people who don’t want to pay their bills. Sometimes people fall on hard times and that’s fine, because we all get into a little financial trouble at some point. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make some kind of attempt to contact the company that you owe a balance to and make payment arrangements. A few months ago, I had to look at Professional Recovery Consultants reviews because I had some customers who hadn’t paid their bills and didn’t make arrangements.

The consultant company had favorable reviews from people who used them, and from people who were contacted by them. The contacted reviews were the most shocking to me, because I didn’t expect to see them. I thought only people who had used the company before would have make some kind of comment about them, but others were just as interested in talking about them. These people said that the company was very polite with them when it came to collecting debt. Other companies hound and harass people and even threaten them with the possibility of jail time, but not this company.

Since the company had such a good light about them, I contacted them and asked them if they could take care of some customers for me who didn’t pay. They agreed and contacted the customers. The customers had financial problems and couldn’t make payments right away. They asked for a time extension and a payment plan. I agreed to let them have some time to get more money and then start making payments on the debt. After time, they were able to get jobs and made monthly payments until their debt was entirely gone.


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