Do You Know What’s in Your Garden?

I decided that I would grow a garden last year, I am home for the summer, and I thought it would be an excellent way for me to keep busy and enjoy the fruits, or vegetables, of my labor. I went to the local garden store and found some plants to get me started, but they died about a week after I put them in the ground. I was told to hire a company to do some soil testing to see if there was something wrong with my soil. I decided that I would take a chance and hire a company due to the fact that I nurtured those plants better than I tended to my animals. I took very good care of them and I was in awe as to why they died so suddenly.

After the company came to my home and took the soil sample, I patiently waited for them to get back to me, and a few days later we had the results. The soil in my yard was very acidic, and the fact that it was so acidic meant that there would be no chance for the plants to thrive so they died as a result. I was glad to know that they died due to the soil quality and nothing that I had done because I spent so much time on them.

I got a treatment for the soil to chance the ph level to something that was more basic, and it saved the next plants that I planted and took care of. I was happy to see how many vegetables I had and knew that it was a smart choice to go and hire a company to help me investigate what was going on in my own yard, I am now getting ready to plant this season’s crop.


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