Everyone Likes Their Custom Welcome Bags

When I took over as pastor of my church, the congregation was very small. There were 20 members, but usually only a dozen showed up on any given Sunday. By the end of my first six months, that number had tripled because of outreach programs. I wanted to continue building the church membership, and I knew one way to do that was by giving new members a nice gift when they came. I looked at woven polypropylene bags because I knew that I wanted more than just a pamphlet to give them. I wanted to have a nice bag that had church information on it as well as a new bible for those who did not have one as well as a few other things to make them feel welcome.

I wanted to have an attractive bag that drew people’s attention, but I did not want to spend a lot of money on them. I knew that if I looked, I would be able to find quality bags at a great price. I was not wrong either as it did not take me much time to find the company that I wanted to order from. They have a stellar reputation and excellent reviews.

I wanted to make sure that the bags I bought would not rip under the weight of what I wanted to put in them, and the reviews ensured me that these were very sturdy bags. I also liked that I was able to customize the bags myself. I could choose the image from their stock, or I could supply my own. I was also able to provide the text that I wanted to have on the bag. The quote they gave me for 120 bags was cheaper than I expected, and I am just thrilled that everyone likes their welcome bags as much as they do!


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