Expanding into the U.S Market

Expanding into a global market is an amazing feat. There is a lot of competition to face on the global scale, but with the right team of people, anyone can handle it. I wanted to break into the U.S. market and I wanted to have citizenship at the same time so that I could stay there and watch the company first hand. I hired a company to help come up with an EB5 Visa business plan that would help me set up a company overseas. There are a lot of talented people living in the U.S. in various sectors and I knew that they would be able to provide the right help for my company.

My company makes a special line of circuit boards that can be used for a variety of projects. These boards are small and inexpensive, and anyone, from someone who is just beginning to learn about working with circuits, to someone who has been doing it for a long time, can use the boards. Many hobbyists have purchased them to use in their projects and some have even used them to automate their entire homes. Production of these boards happens in my home country, and I wanted to be able to produce them in as many markets as possible, especially one as big as the U.S.

I was able to successfully get the visa so that I could start making boards at the U.S. facility and I hired a lot of people. Not only do they deal with the creation of the boards, but they handle the packaging and shipping of the boards to various locations. When U.S. residents ordered the boards before, it would take a little time because the boards had to ship overseas, but now they can get them much quicker because the boards are being made right in their own country.


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