How Big is Too Big

As an independent business owner I’m used to the day to day challenges that accompany working without the financial and administrative backing of larger institutions. The products that I provide have always given me a steady income that didn’t leave me wanting for more. I was content with the size of the business – there was no reason for me to grow it. Yet, when I found myself with more orders to be filled than I could reasonably handle I had to invest in one of the vertical form fill seal machines which turned my garage into something like a small factory by itself.

I have had to stop and myself on multiple occasions if this is what I wanted for myself and even if I wanted it for my business. I’ve found it strange to think about the business as something separate from myself but I’ve learned to think in such a context has allowed me to make smarter decisions. I don’t believe the business can grow much more beyond the current size and retain the quality of the products that I make. For the most part everything is done by hand or drafted in CAD to be printed out with a 3D Printer.

It’s my own personal attention to detail that allows me to create these specialty items. Despite having had to give up my garage for the necessary space, I’m content that I’ve been able to reach a larger number of people who find uses for the products made here at home. It’s absolutely lovely being able to work from home. I would absolutely not be able to work in a warehouse setting as much of what I do is creatively driven. I would lose this comfort if the business did grow larger which is also why I hope to mitigate the size of it.


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