Setting Up the Branch Office

Setting up the branch office is progressing pretty well, but we are taking some shortcuts to be quicker about it. I decided to farm out the stuff that I could get other people to do as easily. That saves me the trouble of having to hire people, who I would then have to train to do the job. In time I have to get that done, but for the moment it is easier to just pay other specialists to do the jobs. I called up the Paychex California offices this morning and started talking to them about setting up the payroll for us. At the moment it is not that big of a deal. There is just me, my personal assistant and three other full time workers at the moment. I have hired a dozen or so temp workers, the plan is to see which ones are going to work out and keep them. The ones who can not manage things at a great efficiency will be let go with no fuss or pain.

Of course you are going to have to think about that sort of thing when you hire a person. I do not have a big HR department like we have back in the home office on the East Coast. Still if you hire a person full time with no real homework done, that is going to end up biting you in your back side. The problem is that you can not just hire and fire people as easily as that, not even if it is obvious that they should be fired and no one can deny it. You can get sued even when you are firing someone who deserved it, people sue people all of the time even when they are wrong and it still costs a fortune.


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