The Pleasing Warmth of Heated Towels when You Get out of the Shower or Tub

What do you do to get that warm cozy feeling on a chilly day? Some of us crank up the heat or sit close to a space heater. I know a woman who uses a space heater in the summertime under her desk at work. The AC is too cold for her. She is of a slight build and feels the cold. I get cold at temperatures other people tend to feel as normal. At home we have a 200mm wide towel radiator that recirculates hot water to warm our bath and shower towels. I use it in combination with the heat lamp in the ceiling after I get out of the shower or the bathtub.

I like to feel the warmth on my skin on those cold winter days. When we renovated our bathroom we had a floor heating system installed too. I enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub, but I like the ambient air to be warm too. The floor heater, the heat lamp when you are all wet and those heated towels are like spa amenities at home. It feels really good. You can shut off the valves that feed the hot water to the 200mm wide towel radiator in the summer to not have it get too hot in the bathroom. Then it can just serve as a general-purpose towel rack. When the days start to get cool again, you can turn the warmth back on to heat up your towels.

It feels so good on your skin, and I think it benefits my aching joints too. I don’t think I have arthritis, unless it is mild, but I do get stiff joints in the cool weather. Anything below about 72 degrees Fahrenheit and I am feeling it. I like the warm sunny days with low humidity and a slight breeze. Those are my favorites.


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