The Properties We Own Prompted Me to Try a New Career

My husband and I own the home that we live in, and we also own two other properties that we rent out on a full-time basis. He works full-time, so when we need a new tenant, I am typically the one who find new renters. This is what got me thinking about getting my own job working for a leasing company. I knew that I would need to undergo leasing agent training in order to get some experience. Renting out our places is very different than working for a company where it is your job to make sure that you get things done quickly.

When it comes to our own properties, I can take my time. I typically put an ad in the different newspapers in our city to let people know that we have a place that is available. I can then meet each person who is interested and slowly go them and pick the best person. I can do this on my own time schedule and I can even put it off for a couple of weeks in between prospective tenants. So when you work for someone else to do this for a living, you need to make sure that you have all the info that you need in order to seal the deal at all times.

I really enjoyed the classes that I took. They weren’t that hard to go through it all, and they gave me the training that I needed in order to get my foot firmly in the door at one of the many leasing companies in our city. Several of the places that I interviewed with were very impressed that I have handled properties that I own with my husband, as well as the training. I received many job offers after my interview, and I accepted the one that looks back. I’m really enjoying the work and it pays me well, too.


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