Top Woman CEO is a Role Model for Our Daughter

Our daughter has plans to be a CEO of a big corporation or to just start her own company that becomes a major corporate entity. She has an interest in being involved in digital companies from technology innovators to retail product development. She has been reading about the successes of British CEO Joanna Shields who also holds the title of Baroness. Since our daughter is only 10, it seems like she has lofty goals already. However, she actually has a keen understanding of what it will take to realize her dreams.

Our daughter is already self-teaching in electronics and computers. For her birthday she wanted diagnostic tools and build-it-yourself electronic kits. She has already built a Morse Code oscillator, a crystal radio, and a remote control flying helicopter that flies itself. She is learning about technology and business. She has read the biographies of some of the leading entrepreneurs from the 1980s when technology hit the ground running. We are amazed at how smart she is. However, she is also very grounded too. She likes spending time with her horse and dog roaming through the woods on our property.

My wife and I do not work in the high tech industry. We have regular jobs and a few acres of property. Where she got her intelligence and drive baffles us. Neither one of us or both of us put together have the energy she has. I have been no help with her self-study since she surpassed me in understanding electronics a few months ago. I used to be an amateur radio enthusiast, but she is phenomenal. I think she has what it takes to someday head up big companies and be a spokesperson for government leaders like her hero Joanna Shields is. I also would not be surprised if she had her own company before she turned 18.


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