We Need a Reliable Server Solution

We had a meeting today about building and maintaining our own servers. We have been paying someone else to do the job until now, in fact we have been switching from one vendor to the next in search of one who will cover our needs. In fact our needs have been growing quite rapidly and what we need is not really available. So we are thinking about how to create something which is going to meet the need we have for capacity and reliability. Obviously something like a military PDU is going to be needed, we are going to have to have a really rock solid power distribution unit that is not going to be taking a break every time that you turn around. That is simply not something that we are going to be able to tolerate. In fact most of the server providers are going to give you something in the area of 99% Up time. You definitely need to match that, which is going to bring it’s own problems.

The obvious way to achieve this is through redundancy. Instead of building one server you would build two and have one of them there just in case the other one has issues. The big thing will be having some guy there around the clock to make sure that you can get things back on the rails if there is a problem which takes you off the grid. The cost of keeping some guy around to babysit the server is a really big deal. It has to be someone who has the ability to do the job and a guy with that capability is going to really hate sitting around doing nothing. You would need to invent something to keep him busy or else pay him extra to make up for the boredom.


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