When a Hobby is No Longer Rewarding

As a 30 year old man, I sometimes wonder why I don’t have a hobbies. I sometimes look back on my childhood looking for an answer, wondering if maybe I have simply lost interest in hobbies more recently but I’ve come to the conclusion that my parents never encouraged me to do much of anything. It never occurred to them that I might need encouragement as a child. Maybe that’s why I am now I’ve started learning from a locksmith in Baltimore MD so I can pursue picking locks as a hobby – not that I am even that interested in it.

I think that’s the core my problem. I was never taught the value of being interested in something. Whenever I felt my interest slipping when I was a kid my parents didn’t try to encourage me to continue focusing on it. They would always just agree with me and allow me to move on, never motivating me with some kind of positive reinforcement. I believe that set some sort of psychological acceptance of ‘giving up’, that there really is nothing rewarding from doing something for any reason other than financial gain. Even school became a listless task that didn’t offer any sort of rewarding pleasure.

Now that I recognize the problem I am sort of in a state of panic. What if I am unable to change the patterns of my behavior because my brain has forever been cemented by this routine that I’ve been following for the vast majority of my life? What if I will never be able to find any kind of reward in doing something that is not immediately rewarding? I don’t want to live like that! I want to be able to pursue the things thatdointerest me even if the reward might come months or years later.


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