Wondering if I Can Get Gigabit Internet

We are going to move pretty soon and I am wondering if one of the fiber optic Internet providers is going to be able to give me real gigabit Internet. Of course I think that term is being misused and if you had the real thing that would be pretty absurd. Obvious that means a thousand megabytes per second and most people do not get much more than a fraction of that at the moment. I think that I probably get around 10 to 15 mb per second on average. On the best day of the week it might be around 25 megabytes per second in the best times, but obviously you are a prisoner to how much bandwidth your neighbors are using. My internet starts to really drag in the peak usage time, but this is pretty large suburban type area and I am guessing that there are a large number of people who will be using their internet in the prime time hours of the night(between 7 PM and 10 PM I would guess).

At any rate you could do some incredible things with this sort of bandwidth, but it appears that many of these places have a data cap that comes along with it. I heard it was a quarter of a terabyte and that is not really that much if you were really putting this sort of bandwidth to the use. For instance this sort of internet would allow you to forego paying the cable company or Direct TV for a package of TV programming. You would be able to download a TV show or a movie in a matter of moment. You would be forced to improvise when it came to live sports events, but any other show you could get quite as easy as that.


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